Embracing positive change, Myproteins sustainability commitment

Myprotein's Impact

In the world of nutrition, we don’t follow trends. We set them. And at Myprotein, we get it.It's crucial for us to always bring you the very best products that actually work.

But quality goes beyond taste and individual results. It involves the choices we make and their ripple effect on our planet, our dedicated team, our supply chain and the communities they impact and support.

Sustainability sits firmly at the top of our priorities, and we’re changing for the better.It’ll take time, and we’re not where we want to be yet, but we know where we’re going. Perfection doesn’t happen overnight,

but just as with fitness, small steps build momentum and over time make a big impact.

Myprotein is committed to delivering on our sustainability targets and keeping you up to speed with all the changes we’re making, every step of the way.

Net Zero Target

Our long-term mission is to achieve Net Zero by 2040.

We're on the move, forging ahead in our packaging journey, traceability, and supply chain impact.We're not stopping there though.We'redetermined to make a positive impact on people and communities, too.

Our journey is one of progress, where every step counts, and every action inspires change. Together,we're creating a better future for all.

The Move to Monomaterial

Packaging plays a huge role in our plans to reach net zero. We’ve partnered with specialists and continue to harness in-house expertise to make the best decisions.

First, our iconic pouch — you may have already noticed a slight change to how this packaging looks and feels. We’ve moved to a monomaterial, making it easier to recycle.

Single-material packaging makes recycling way more efficient because plants don’t have to separate components before recycling can begin.

You can take the pouch to supermarkets and drop-off in the soft plastics bin — along with packaging like bread and vegetable bags.

Our redeveloped pouch is lightweight and due to its flat-pack nature, can easily be stacked for transit, meaning we maximise each and every delivery journey to minimise the carbon footprint.

Myprotein tubs are already kerbside recyclable, and durable enough to be repurposed and refilled once you’ve reached the end of our delicious and effective products.

Our bars are also moving to a monomaterial, removing the foil layer to make recycling much easier and removing tiny flecks that impact the quality of recycled material.

Continued Development

The focus for this year is going back to basics, setting up sustainable foundations that are fit for scale and future.

We’ll move to improve at every opportunity in the future. And we hope you’ll be a part of community for the journey.